Conquistadors at the Doorstep

Final mix: 08/22/04.  One of the tunes below contains profanity.  I tried a "radio friendly" version but it didn't sound right, so keep an eye out for the parental advisory graphic.  Every other tune is kid safe; especially goodnight moon, which is a kid's song.

If you have headphones or good speakers on your computer, you can listen by clicking on the tunes below.  If you want to listen on your car and home stereo, you can order a CD

After listening, please  vote for your favorite tune so we can enter a songwriting contest with the tune you think is best.



sad life


singer slash songwriter

singer slash songwriter (sy remix)

sleep won't come


glass of milk


we all love the baby


Hank Williams' Incredible Gambling Ferris Wheel


in the rain today


get someone


trissy gets a tattoo


boy with the little feet


window 2b (2004 remix)


goodnight moon (kid's song)


All songs by SDonovan. 

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